ACR is leading the way in the battle against BOTs

ACR is leading the way in the battle against BOTs

Remember the motion picture show 21 and the popular phrase “Winner winner chicken dinner” uttered throughout the movie? While that movie was all about Blackjack, a similar movie about poker would have Americas Cardroom players uttering the same thing over and over again.

That’s because Americas Cardroom appears to be winning the war against BOTs. For proof, just look at what’s happening to some of the leading online BOT providers.

In September 2019, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of supported sites. And it gets better. Shanky technologies (, Kraken, and Medusa ( have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on the site.

Americas Cardroom has been fighting BOTs for months by strengthening its Security and Customer Assessment teams to spot and block BOTs. Since they started putting in a real effort, they banned 12 BOTs and refunded over $450,000 to players affected by BOTs as part of their new BOT policy.

But the news of BOT providers waving the white flag is different. This time around, BOTs are shut out of Americas Cardroom because of a major software upgrade released by the online poker site.

The upgrade includes anti-BOT technology that makes many BOTs incompatible with the Americas Cardroom software. The affected BOT providers are forced to re-engineer their software to work with Americas Cardroom (knowing that Americas Cardroom will fight back and squash them again) or just give up.

With Americas Cardroom’s upcoming $6 Million Venom, the news couldn’t have come at a better time. Starting November 27th, Americas Cardroom will attempt to outdo the $5 Million Venom held this summer, which featured a final prize pool well over $6 million and over $1,050,000 for first place.

If you want in, you can win your seat through a $0 Step tournament or an online poker satellite. For more information, visit Americas Cardroom.

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