Playing in the Freebuy Super Series at Americas Cardroom is just brilliant math

Playing in the Freebuy Super Series at Americas Cardroom is just brilliant math

Do you like math problems? Here’s a good one that you can do with your kids, nieces, nephews, or whoever:

“Little Johnny has $10. He buys 5 bags of chips at $1 each, 4 chocolate bars at $0.75 each, and a bottle of soda for $2. How much money does Johnny have remaining?”

The correct answer is $0. But bonus points if you answered, “Enough money to play in 114 real-money tournaments at Americas Cardroom.”

Yup, Americas Cardroom’s legendary Freebuy Super Series is back. The series guarantees $250,000 in prize money across 114 tourneys from October 16th through November 3rd. That’s six tournaments a day for 19 days — each with $0 buy-ins.

Seriously. Each Freebuy costs nothing to get into but pays out real money. For your $0 buy-in, you get 1,000 chips. If you need more, 2,500-chip rebuys are available. And so are 10,000-chip add-ons. Those cost real money, but you can get rebuys for free by completing tasks as advertised during the series on ACR’s social media channels.

The Freebuy Super Series promises to be a lot of fun, but if you’re waiting for a huge tournament, you’ll have to wait until November 27th. That’s when Americas Cardroom will once again set records with the $6 Million Venom. Here’s what you need to know about that one:

• Starts November 27th
• Features a $1 million first place prize
• Offers four separate Day 1 options to play in
• $0 Step tournaments feed into it
• Low buy-in satellites are available too
• Direct buy-in costs $2,650

For all the important information, visit Americas Cardroom.

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