Ya Poker Jackpot Freeroll $250 2000 04-11-2017 00:30

Ya Poker Online Poker Password tournaments

Ya Poker
Jackpot Freeroll

$250 2000

04-11-2017 00:30

Password 29231867


Tournament time GMT+1 

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The Ya Poker Lobby The main lobby of the poker client has everything you’ll need right at your fingerprints. Here you can access all of our different ring games and tournaments as well as the online cashier. Become familiar with the different features our lobby offers in order to find the poker game that best suits your preference and bankroll. Below is a screenshot of our lobby with an explanation of its different sections: Read more at: https://www.yapoker.com/getting-started/ Poker Lobby – Anytime you click on the ‘Poker Lobby’ client you will be directed to the main cash game section which will appear as your default every time you log into the poker client. CasinoYa Poker offers its players an online casino in which you can play a variety of games of chance including roulette, blackjack, and craps. It will open a separate window so you can play at the casino while you grind at the poker tables. Rewards – This will direct you to all the rewards and benefits that Ya Poker is currently offering. Check this tab regularly to see our latest promotions. My Account – here you may review all your personal information to make sure its correct, check your transactions history and access our online cashier. Announcements – Keeps you updated of all the latest happenings and news at Ya Poker including new tournaments, live events, and latest promotions. Help – Our friendly staff is here to help, click here in order to find out how to contact our staff who will answer any questions in a prompt and friendly manner. Logout – Click on this when you want to exit the software. Player Displays – Indicates how many players are currently playing at the tables at a given time as well as how many players are currently logged into the network. Money in Play – Indicates how much money you have at the tables and how much money you have remaining. Hide Tables Checkboxes – Gives you the option to eliminate all tables that you do not want to see including full tables and tables where no one is seated. Time and Date Display – Displays the network time. Please refer to his clock in order to decide which tournaments you like to play as our network may be on a different time zone than you may be at. Game Selection Filter – Allows you to choose from all the different types of games Ya Poker offers, including such varieties as Texas holdem, 7 Card-Stud and Omaha just to name a few. Tournaments Button – Brings forward a separate tournament lobby in which you can see all tournaments that are open for registration. Game Size Filter – Choose between small, medium, and large ring games. Game Betting Structure Filter – Choose between No-Limit, Pot Limit, and Fixed limit tables. Play Money – All Ya Poker players are welcome to play our ‘play money’ tables in order to become familiarized with our software. Game Info – Tells you who is currently playing along with each individual player’s chip count. Waiting List – Displays the names of all waiting players for a game Join Waiting List – Adds you to the waiting list behind the highlighted table. Cashier – Takes you to the “Cashier” which displays your balance of bonuses, account balances, and money in play. Here you can withdraw or fund your online Poker account. Join Table – Opens up the selected highlighted table so you can sit down. Find buddy – Allows you to find a player or friend and where he or she is playing at Ya Poker. Promo – Opens up the Ya Poker promotions page on the website. New Player – We have certain tables ring fenced for our new players so they can familiarize themselves by playing against other new players in a friendly atmosphere.

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